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Content Development and SEO Specialist

Job Summary
Working in both agency and corporate settings, the Content Development and SEO Specialist develops concepts, ideas and copy for advertising, email, Websites, video, marketing materials and campaigns. The specialist writes a wide variety of communications for print, TV, video, radio, email, social channels, websites and campaign landing pages and generates content development, advertising and marketing ideas with other members of the creative team. The Specialist is responsible for raising the rankings of websites and videos in search engines without the use of paid listings.

A member of Aristotle’s Online Media and Marketing (OMM) team, the Content Development and SEO Specialist reports directly to the CEO of Aristotle Interactive. 

Duties and Responsibilities
•        Develops new content ideas that further client/customer communications and marketing goals
•        Collaborates with creative team on marketing campaigns and projects
•        Writes original ads, scripts, page content, news releases and articles
•        Proofs corporate and client marketing communications 
•        Develops keyword and linking strategies to improve website search results 
•        Boosts rankings by making revisions to website structure and copy  
•        Makes page recommendations for SEO clients 
•        Researches keywords  
•        Optimizes website copy 
•        Makes monthly SEO and content update recommendations utilizing Searchmetrics software
•        Completes monthly Searchmetrics SEO and content updates as contracted
•        Optimizes YouTube videos for optimum traffic
•        Analyzes and reporting on results of SEO campaigns   
•        Stays abreast of and informs Aristotle staff of changes in optimization strategies and technologies

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills
•        Superior knowledge of and experience in technical and creative writing in different “voices” for different mediums
•        Professional experience in search engine optimization, proofing, editing  
•        Excellent communication and presentation skills
•        Ability to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines
•        Ability to work independently and in a team environment

Preferred Knowledge, Abilities and Skills
•        2-3 Years of copywriting experience
•        Experience with search engine optimization 
•        Experience working in an agency setting

Bachelor’s degree required