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Wireless Systems Installer

You like heights; being on top-of-the-world, looking out as far as the eye can see.  You prefer working outside and not sitting at an office desk with no windows, day after day.  You’re a craftsman that knows that finishing means cleaning up that last annoying piece of debris.  YOU WANT to be an Aristotle wireless systems installer.

Job Summary:  The Wireless Systems Installer is responsible for the installation of broadband Internet, DirectTV, and telephone (VoIP) equipment for residential and business subscribers and will work with other installers or independently as directed.  The Wireless Systems Installer will be required to work on distribution systems involving elevated towers or building roofs and to provide customer support, system maintenance, and inventory duties for the department.

Job Functions:
•    Prepares and installs wireless Internet connectivity equipment for service subscribers, including routers, associated hardware, Consumer Premises Units or Subscriber Modules, and cabling.
•    Prepares and installs other systems components for subscribers of DirectTV and/or telephone (VoIP) systems.
•    Performs duties of an Aristotle services representative to subscribers by obtaining client signatures on required agreements, installation approvals, and work completion sign-off forms.
•    Reports problems or subscriber concerns to management as soon as practical and offers on-site analysis of issues to management that will facility resolution.
•    Insures subscriber documentation properly delivered to management.
•    Prepares reports and assists with maintaining accurate client information in system databases to include data input.
•    Uses project and work assignment software and hardware systems for daily work assignments and changes to assigned tasks that may occur during the day.
•    Performs duties of a service technician to diagnose and correct systems and subscriber connectivity problems.

Maintains company vehicles appearance by regularly cleaning assigned vehicle, insures vehicle maintenance has been performed and is current, and inspects equipment stored on assigned vehicle to insure all tools and normally provided systems components are stocked and properly stored. Conducts daily vehicle inspects for damages and reports any and all incidents involve vehicle or property damage at the time of occurrence or discovery.
•    Retrieves hardware and all removable service components when a subscriber’s service is terminated, properly identifies installed location on removed hardware, and returns all hardware to management for future reuse.
•    Insures Installer records, certifications, and licenses are properly maintained, filed, and are current.
•    Will submit certified insurance and vehicle operating records on request by management.
•    Understands and maintains a professional appearance and acceptable personal body habits that are appropriate when interfacing with subscribers in their homes, business, or on their property.

Knowledge, skills, and Abilities:
•    Knowledge of wireless routers, their setup, routing requirements, IP transit, and knowledge of radio principals.
•    Safely operate vehicles such as a ¾ ton pickup and 2-ton truck.
•    Works well with hand tools.
•    Must successfully complete within ninety (90) days of hire date a tower safety and rescue certification program – failure to become certified will result in termination.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
•    IT background
•    Radio hardware knowledge

Minimum Qualifications:
Employees will be a high school graduate or possess a GED certificate and must hold a valid Arkansas driver’s licenses in good standing.  Must have a minimum of 3-years work experience in the area of electrical (high or low voltage) systems installation, network systems installation or have experience in residential or commercial construction industry.

Employees must be capable of lifting a minimum of 50 lbs of dead-weight without assistance.