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Adjustable Speeds Pricing

Wireless Broadband prices

With Aristotle Wireless High-Speed Internet, you will enjoy a more secure connection that is only yours and always on. The package prices and speeds below are designed to provide the best internet service for home and business use. All packages include NO data caps and NO hidden fees.

Secure, Unlimited Internet 
NO Contract NO Data Caps     Installation Fee: $100


    6 Mbps Download
    2 Mbps Upload

    Netflix, Gaming, Email, Social Media, Streaming Video, Downloading Music, Web Browsing


    10 Mbps Download
      3 Mbps Upload

    *Multi-User* HD Video Streaming, Netflix, Gaming, Email, Social Media, Downloading Music, Web Browsing, Uploading Files, Home Security System  

  • PRO

    15 Mbps Download
      3 Mbps Upload

    Home Office and Small Business, Digital Voice (VOIP), E-commerce, Multi-User Email, HD Video Streaming, File Transfers, Heavy Web Browsing


    20 Mbps Download
      3 Mbps Upload

    Business and Multi-User Home Use, Digital Voice (VOIP), E-commerce, Multiple Employees, Multi-User Email, HD Video Streaming (video conferencing), Email including frequent Email with Attachments, File Transfers - Uploading Small, Medium & Large Files, Video Down-Streaming, Heavy Web Browsing

  • 25-100 Mbps Download
    Customized Upload Speeds

    Need higher upload or download speeds for your home or business? We can customize your service to meet your connectivity needs. For up to 100 Mbps circuits and symmetrical circuit options, please contact us for a custom quote. 

*Includes One (1) email address per residential circuit and five (5) email addresses per business circuit. Email addresses at your business domain are available with Aristotle Signature Mail.
*Advertised services and Internet speed options not available in all areas.  Offer may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice. Other conditions may apply.