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The Best Defense is a Good Defense

The ultimate solution to real-time corporate email protection, the Aristotle Spam Defense Network (ASDN) is the industry's most powerful virus and spam email filtering solution designed to stop spam email and give you zero-loss spooling protection.

You're Just an MX Record Away

Set your MX record to direct your domain email to flow through Aristotle's ASDN spam email filtering servers and watch the results.

Our spam email filtering delivers squeaky clean email with zero-loss assurance. Here's how…

  • Level I Defense: Server Blockade
    Symantec technology "grades" streams of incoming email, blocks email from known spam servers and punishes spammers by choking down the bandwidth available to them.

  • Level II Defense: Spam & Virus Shield
    Vircom multi-leveled intelligent analytics examines individual emails for spam or viruses. Spam is sent to a viewable quarantine folder. Viruses are cleansed from the email. Aristotle responds to outgoing email security threats with 24/7 live updates and handwritten scripts.

  • Filtered Delivery & Zero-Loss Spooling
    Aristotle's ASDN server spools your email and checks to see if your server is online. If it is active, ASDN delivers email immediately to your local mail server. If your server is offline, ASDN continues to spool your email and holds it until your server is active. When it is active, ASDN releases spooled email at a measured rate to keep from overwhelming your local mail server.

  • Daily Quarantine Reports & Admin Control
    ASDN delivers email Quarantine Reports allowing you to view, delete or release suspect emails. Your administrator has admin control of all user quarantine and personal spam settings.

We're compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and most UNIX mail implementations. Sign up with Aristotle and stop spam email for good!

Don't Take Our Word for It

We'll give you a 30 day free trial for up to 30 accounts. Contact us at 1-800-995-2747 today!


Aristotle's Network is expanding to reach even more homes, businesses and communities. Find out if Aristotle Broadband is available at your location!

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