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Managed Hosting

Aristotle’s professional hosting services are designed to provide organizations and enterprises of all sizes with the highest-quality server technology, technical expertise and customer service.

Our server technicians are experienced and responsive and maintain 24/7/365 server monitoring. With Aristotle premier managed website hosting, your websites and online applications are watched over with care.

Aristotle servers utilize up-to-date OS and software applications. We can provide visitor tracking & Web reports and offer a number of customizable solutions including

  • Maximum scalability professional website hosting

    • 30-MB site shared server storage

    • Dedicated server hosting with specialized programming and applications

  • Enterprise hosting applications & design

  • Secure e-commerce and online payment portals

  • Applications and (SAS) software as a service

  • Aristotle Select content managed sites for small businesses, organizations and schools

24/7 Monitoring
  • Internet connectivity redundancy
  • Built-in tape back-up & off-site storage
  • Off-hours scheduled maintenance
  • NT clustering technology in conjunction with SQL server 7.0 and IIS
  • Electronic, physical plant & staff security best practices