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Got an RSS reader? Subscribe to our RSS Feed. President Testifies at FTC Email Authentication Summit Nov. 11, 2004

Little Rock, Arkansas, Thursday, November 11, 2004 — Elizabeth Bowles, President of, Little Rock based national ISP, delivered testimony at the Email Authentication Summit hosted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology held November 9-10, 2004, in Washington, D.C. The Summit follows the FTC's June 15, 2004, National Do Not Email Registry Report to Congress. In that report, the FTC identified domain-level email authentication as a promising technological development that would enable Internet Service Providers and other domain holders to better filter spam and that would provide law enforcement with a potent tool for locating and identifying spammers. "Aristotle has long been a leader in advocating standards and methods for eliminating spam and fraud at the server level, and we believe that standards for email authentication are critical," Bowles stated. "We are very pleased that the FTC sponsored this two-day summit, and I am personally pleased to have been selected to represent small and midsize ISPs, small businesses and consumers." "Because it is difficult for consumers to protect themselves, ISPs must be responsible for implementing email authentication solutions that protect the end user. Meetings of the private and public sector such as this are critical to solving the pervasive spam problem," Bowles said. In her testimony Bowles advocated the adoption of an open, non-proprietary, industry-wide unified standard for authenticating email sources. "Small ISPs can't afford to configure their email to comply with a variety of authentication standards, Bowles testified. "We can't have AOL implementing one system, and Microsoft implementing another, and everyone having to comply with a number of different standards. E-mail authentication standards should be easy to implement and the solutions should be easy to tailor to an ISP's needs," Bowles added. "Aristotle already performs robust and thorough server level spam and virus filtering that blocks up to 99.9% of all spam and viruses aimed at our mail servers," Bowles stated. "I don't think email authentication can have a part of it that's proprietary that would require ISP's to get a license for a piece of software that we couldn't subsequently modify or improve." An expert in technology law, Bowles is a seasoned advocate in the fight against spam. Bowles serves on the American Bar Association Cyberspace Law Committee and currently chairs the American Bar Association Spam sub-committee. She frequently provides background information and legal expertise to media in both English and Spanish. Her testimony at the Email Authentication Summit has received national press attention. Company Overview Aristotle Inc. Aristotle Internet Service Division Aristotle is a national Internet Service Provider, dedicated to providing customers the highest quality of Internet technologies and customer service. From corporate offices in Little Rock, Arkansas, provides a wide range of nation wide residential and corporate services. No other ISP offers Aristotle's combination of pricing, features, and service. Aristotle is best known for its 50 cents per hour pricing structure and its unsurpassed technical service. Aristotle is a recognized leader in the fight against spam. For more information see: For Elizabeth Bowles Media Topics and Bio, see Aristotle Interactive Division Aristotle is also a nationally recognized award-winning full service Internet and interactive media firm. Since 1995, the company has been providing web development, Internet advertising, marketing and online public relations services to over 600 clients throughout the United States. Aristotle applies design and programming skills in various interactive platforms including: Internet, Intranet, Extranet, kiosk, CD/DVD, and other interactive applications. Aristotle's cutting edge design and programming skills have garnered over 160 awards; and they have launched over 600 web sites. CNN as well as other national media have recognized their work on-air. For more information see: Media Contacts Patrick Presley Aristotle Director of Public Relations Phone: 501.374.4638 / 800.995.2747 (Toll free in U.S.) Fax: 501.376.1377 Tina Van Horn Aristotle Director of Marketing Phone: 501.374.4638 / 800-995-2747 (Toll Free in U.S) Fax: 501.374.4638
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