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Aristotle Expertise and Creativity Showcased in Dynamic Website for Winchester Country Club and Resort Nov. 05, 2006

Aristotle launched a dynamic redesign for Winchester Country Club and Resort on November 2, 2006. In a true team effort, the Winchester Country Club and Resort provided beautiful photography for the website,, then Christopher Stashuk, Art Director at Aristotle, shot video and additional photography in the Aristotle studio. Stashuk then coupled that with animation scripts to enliven the images with mist moving across water, a golf ball flying onto the green, raindrops falling on water, an apple falling from a tree and water flowing into a spa tub. "The Aristotle art team brought a level of expertise and creativity to these already gorgeous photos to really make you feel like you have to go to Winchester Country Club & Resort," said Marla Johnson Norris, Aristotle CEO.
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