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Aristotle Completes Website for Clinton School of Public Service Jan. 10, 2007

Aristotle and the Clinton School of Public Service announced Jan. 5, 2007 the completion of the school's new website, Aristotle strategically designed the site to inform visitors about the school as well as interactively promote its schedule of highly-regarded speakers. Aristotle included an interactive Distinguished Speaker section of the site. This section allows visitors to immediately watch video clips, view photos and listen to audio files of previous and upcoming speakers such as Rev. Jesse Jackson, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former senator John Edwards. Aristotle also incorporated site communication tools, including an e-newsletter sign-up for users to receive the latest news and updates on the school and its speakers. Also integrated into the site is a Clinton School blog, which features local, national and global perspectives and allows visitors to read the experiences of students who attend the school. Site visitors can also easily find additional information on admissions, degree programs, faculty and staff, and location and directions.
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