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Aristotle Delivers Knock-Out Website for Muhammad Ali Enterprises Feb. 01, 2007

Aristotle is proud to announce the launch of the new website for Muhammad Ali Enterprises, The site's combination of creative design and interactive features delivers a 1-2 punch for everything Muhammad Ali. "This is just the beginning of the Ali/Aristotle partnership," Aristotle CEO Marla Johnson said. "What we have here is the foundation for a very fast growing platform to communicate to the world what Muhammad Ali is all about." One of the most exciting features of the site is Ali's Interactive Timeline. The timeline tells the story of Ali's life throughout the decades from his birth to present-day. Visitors can hear original Ali audio and view pictures and detailed information of some of the biggest climaxes of his career. Throughout the rest of the site, animated page designs sport dynamic flash movies and diverse photos and information that convey the story of Muhammad Ali, the boxer, as well as Muhammad Ali, the humanitarian and peacemaker.
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