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Aristotle Helps Mississippi Delta Embrace Power of MySpace Aug. 01, 2007

With potential travelers conducting more research than ever on community sites like MySpace, creating a social profile of the actual travel destination makes a lot of sense. Travelers love to talk about their trip experiences. On social networking sites, you’ll usually find detailed paragraphs and lengthy vacation photo albums spread throughout user profiles. The Mississippi Delta Tourism Association decided to partake in the new travel research revolution with a MySpace page of its own. MSDI's new MySpace page, custom-built by Aristotle, offers links to the Delta’s main website, an updated blog, a chance for visitors to enter the “Rollin Down the River” vacation sweepstakes and an e-newsletter sign up, along with the usual entertaining MySpace elements.
“The MySpace page gives the Mississippi Delta Tourism Association the opportunity to directly interact with people who love the Delta region,” Aristotle CEO Marla Johnson Norris said. “And, with visitors using social networking channels more and more to conduct travel research, it offers the Mississippi Delta even more exposure.”
Over 225 friends have been added since the launch. Visitors to the page can view giveaways, sweepstakes and updates and share their travel experiences to the region.
Visually, the site boasts a custom-built header, background title and promotional buttons themed with the main Mississippi Delta Tourism Association website.
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