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Aristotle Launches Arkansas State Parks Redesign May. 10, 2007

Aristotle launched a redesigned website for the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, May 8, 2007, continuing its extensive relationship with the state of Arkansas. The site,, promotes the 52 state parks that are scattered across Arkansas to encourage travel and tourism.

One of the most exciting features of the new redesign is the multitude of state park videos. The video tours present site visitors with 360 degree panoramic photos and videos encompassing all the state parks have to offer. Users can view park landscapes, natural and commercial attractions and even the interiors of lodges and resorts.

Aristotle incorporated the state’s beautiful photography of attractions and landmarks into a large main page flash design, and the website features several page menus for easy navigation. Aristotle also divided the state parks into four main categories: Adventure Parks, Mountain Parks, History Parks and Lake and River Parks. The goal was to help put site visitors on a clear path to the destination of their choice. Each page of the site also features clear calls to action with vacation package options and online booking tools.

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