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Aristotle Launches Integrated Marketing Campaign for Baptist Health Jan. 17, 2007

Aristotle launched an integrated marketing campaign for Baptist Health on January 16, 2007. Aristotle crafted and launched one 30-second and two 15-second television spots, a mini-site, and a pay-per-click campaign which demonstrate Baptist Health's commitment to Arkansas. The mini-site, contains resources that can be used for healthier living: I'm Ready to get Started, How Much Exercise do I Need, How Can I Eat Better and the Health Living e-newsletter. "Baptist Health is a leader in recognizing the value of fully integrating online and offline marketing programs. This campaign enables Baptist Health to fulfill its mission of serving the healthcare needs of Arkansans and provides them with easy access to information to help keep them safe and healthy." said Scott Crider, Aristotle Integrated Marketing Manager. "At the same time, Baptist Health is able to position itself as THE health information resource and can accurately measure the effectiveness of the campaign."
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