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Aristotle Offers the Internet a Taste of South Carolina with New Dining Microsite Feb. 16, 2007, the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism’s new culinary microsite, hit the Internet recently. The website, which was programmed and designed by Aristotle, guides visitors through the many luxuries of South Carolina dining.
The site presents entertaining interactive features including trivia and photo galleries, along with the implementation of a “Dress the She Crab” game for younger audiences. Visitors can find information on S.C. chefs, restaurants, breweries and wineries, state food festivals and even user-submitted recipes.
Site visitors can also sign up for monthly e-newsletters and RSS feeds so they can keep up-to-date on fun South Carolina culinary events, recipes and cooking tips. Aristotle’s application of user-engaging features like “Recommend a Chef or School,” “Submit a Recipe” and “Nominate a Restaurant” encourages regular traffic to the site.
Along with persuading visitation to the state, the microsite is intended to create buzz and excitement about the state’s combination of authentic culinary options and traditional dining atmospheres. A downloadable vacation kit and a Hot Deals & Coupons section aid in the site’s partnership with to encourage overall travel to the state.



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