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Battle of the Sexes: Which Packs Best? Jul. 20, 2007

Aristotle recently created an online moving game for ABF Freight System Inc.’s U-Pack moving service. Site visitors can play the game and register their score for a chance to win a $100 gift card or $200 off the price of their U-Pack move.
Moving has never been this much fun, or rewarding. Besides earning the chance to enter the sweepstakes, players are afforded the task of packing a giant teddy bear, futon, mattress and bicycle, among other items, into an animated ABF Relo moving cube—all in under one minute. A statistics chart averages male vs. female game stats, for added competition.
“The game is simple and highly addictive,” Aristotle Producer James Norris said. “Couple that with our playful pitting of men against women in the classic "who's best" battle of the sexes and a great prize giveaway, and you've got a perfect viral marketing piece.”
The addicting game and the opportunity to send a moving notice e-card to friends and family, acts as viral marketing components for the company because it engages site visitors in a positive and interactive way.

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