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Mobile Site for Alabama Gulf Coast CVB Offers Travelers on-the-go Info Jul. 02, 2007

Thanks to a new mobile site for the Alabama Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau, travelers can put that $30 cell phone media plan to good use. In correlation with the Alabama Gulf Coast’s new website at, Aristotle created a new mobile site for travelers on-the-go. The new site,, offers visitors a scaled-down, but informative, layout tailored for users of cell phones, PDAs and other portable handheld devices.
“Aristotle and the Alabama CVB understand the time is now for mobile web marketing,” Aristotle CEO Marla Johnson Norris said. “This cool tool offers the CVB a marketing advantage in one of today’s fastest growing technological trends. provides a fast and no-nonsense way to find information on the Gulf Coast.”
The need for mobile destination websites continues to grow. Though many travelers pick their destination early on in the vacation planning process, only one in five plan the trip details before they’re on the road or in the air. Many travelers plan on-the-move throughout their entire vacations.
The mobile site for the CVB leaves out all the fluff of a regular website and gets straight to the point with links directing visitors to some of the most popular interests for people who search via their mobile devices: hotel vacancies, restaurant info, area attractions and an updated calendar of events.
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