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New Snappy Salads Website Lets Visitors Know “What’s Snappening” Apr. 07, 2007

Luckily, people no longer have to buy that eco-friendly mini-van to “go green.” Snappy Salads serves customers a variety of “green” choices ranging from salads to soups to healthy wraps. And now, thanks to a new website, people can view the health-friendly eatery’s full menu and place orders online.
Aristotle and Snappy Salads recently partnered to create, a simple and stylish website offering site visitors the opportunity to place individual or group orders online. It also offers restaurant information including store locations, daily soup and salad specials, contact information and an e-newsletter sign up.
The site is 100 percent content managed by Snappy Salads staff, and the Aristotle- designed tool allows the store to specifically update the “Featured Salad” and “Soup of the Day” section of the site so lunchtime warriors can check the specials before ever leaving the office.
Snappy Salads is in fact a fast-food joint, but it does not serve burgers. The restaurant offers healthy green, fresh salads to those looking for health-conscience options, away from the grease and fat of other chains. Snappy’s slogan, “So Good, Even Guys like our Salads,” offers insight into its non-typical fast food choices.

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