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Aristotle Revamps Arkansas Podcasts May. 02, 2008

In order to provide visitors with fresh and exciting content, Aristotle recently made several new updates to Arkansas's Podcast page.
Along with the addition of brand new regional state podcasts, site visitors now have the ability to view the videos in different ways. Open the podcast in iTunes and subscribe to receive the latest updates automatically, or simply download the video to your desktop for viewing at your convenience. For even more convenience, just use the built-in video player to to play the podcast directly on the website.
The site now suggests a "feature video" each month at the top of the page, but allows the visitors to select the video they wish to view before it begins to play. This gives site guests a chance to begin videos at their own discretion and is less intrusive than playing the video automatically when the page loads.
Aristotle's video, programming and art teams played a huge role in the updated page. Tasks included creating an album cover for the podcast in iTunes, coding and programming to iTunes' specifications, setting up the database of videos and converting podcasts/videos into multiple formats.

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