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Aristotle Uncovers the "Real Florida" in Hernando County Aug. 20, 2008

Hernando County Florida prides itself on its al fresco settings, natural wonders, live mermaids and beautiful Nature Coast. However, it needed an online web presence to show-off it’s uniqueness to the rest of the world.
The Hernando County CVB and Aristotle partnered to create The site touches on all of Hernando’s distinctive qualities as “the real Florida.” It includes photo galleries and information on the county’s beautiful golf courses, rivers, parks, lakes, history, art and culture.
The website’s layout was custom-designed by Aristotle’s art team and features some cool features such as a rotating Flash header and animated bubbles on the main page.
The site also includes a content management system, Aristotle-written text and search engine optimization, and interactive walking tour maps (to be added post-launch).

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