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Baptist Health Caters to Social Crowd Apr. 10, 2008

One of today'shottest new business marketing strategies is the utilization of social networking sites. Websites such as MySpace are a great way for businesses to create communication with potential clients and the community, generate referrals and drive traffic to their main website.
With the new Baptist Health MySpace page, the hospital can now take advantage of this savvy online marketing technique.
The MySpace page links to helpful tools such as health quizzes, calculators and risk assessments. The nearly 150 friends of Baptist Health can find links to great health tips and an abundance of healthy recipes. Visitors can also watch local news clips featuring Baptist Health and are encouraged to sign up for the hospital's Healthy Living e-newsletter.
Visually, the site boasts a custom-built header and promotional buttons that coincide with the theme of the main Baptist Health website.

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