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Can't Get Bigger than IMAX Kudos Feb. 22, 2008

We love it when we get fan mail!!! We recently received a letter from client Tammy Racette at the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex praising the work of a bunch of our staff including Jonathan Eudy, Chris Pipkins, Mona Parsons, Chris Bondurant and Don Ferren on their exemplary talents and great customer service. A fact that did not surprise us one bit.
Tammy didn't stop there ... here's what she had to say about her Aristotle-designed website:
Additionally, we are excited about the look and feel of our new website, as it truly "draws" the tourists into the very center of our attractions, and gives them a sense of already being here! The ability to sell tickets online is convenient for our customers, and the administrative tools that are incorporated into the site are already proving to be a phenomenal aide in research and marketing. Thank you so much to Aristotle and the very talented staff and leaders that comprise the company. You helped us make it through the "bumps and hurdles" and launched a fabulous business tool for Branson's IMAX Entertainment Complex.
We are happy to recommend Aristotle to other businesses seeking like service.

Now that's an IMAX-sized compliment!

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