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Come Out and Play in South Carolina State Parks Mar. 28, 2008

Aristotle created for the South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism to promote and celebrate the 75th year of South Carolina State Parks.
The site promotes all of the events taking place at the parks during the year-long 75th anniversary celebration.
Aristotle's HTML and Programming team made it possible for visitors to sign up for the SCPRT Photography Contest online and even submit photos to the site in an online gallery.  Several PDFs are also available to the public for download.
Those who wish to invite their friends to can do so with a very creative Park Ranger Smith video e-vite created by Aristotle. The video features cut-out cartoon animation and includes a talking park ranger and several hilarious animal characters gearing up for the 75th anniversary.
The new website is just one of many projects created during the partnership between SCPRT and Aristotle that includes and, among others.

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