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Fort Smith CVB Redesign Goes Live Dec. 23, 2008

Aristotle is proud to announce the launch of the new redesigned Fort Smith Convention and Visitors Bureau website,
Check out some of the new features of the redesign:
Content Management System - The site is called a "Masterpiece of Programming" by the Aristotle producer who worked on this project, and the new Content Management System helps to prove it. The new CMS gives Fort Smith CVB staff total control of the site including the ability to add, edit an update text, drop-down menus and images on the site. Aristotle even created a site-wide CMS help guide for the client to make the transition even smoother.
Online Calendar - Another complex programming aspect of the site is the interactive online calendar. The display of the new calendar is large and easy to view, and visitors can even submit their own events (the CVB staff reviews before posting). Clicking on any day of any month brings up full details of events occurring on that date. 
Online Video Player - Aristotle's custom-built video player offers the CVB the ability to upload news clips from the local media channels in and around Fort Smith. Simply clicking on a clip title starts the video, making it extremely easy for potential visitors and members of the media to see all that Fort Smith has to offer.

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