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Gatlinburg Redesign Shows Off the "Gateway to the Smokies" Feb. 28, 2008

Spring, summer, fall or winter — the mountains of Gatlinburg, TN might just be the most beautiful area in the Volunteer State. In order to better show off the “Gateway to the Rockies,” the Gatlinburg CVB asked Aristotle to redesign the ever-popular, also and Aristotle production.
The new site features a brand new layout that includes more user-friendly navigation, flash animation with video, stills, pans, animation and music, as well as access to Gatlinburg videos from the main page.
Another cool feature of the site is that now, thanks to Aristotle’s creative Art & Video production team, the site’s background color scheme will change with the four seasons.
For the site’s member partners, Aristotle's HTML and Programming team created a new Deals and Packages administration tool, which offers the ability to enter and update hot deals and packages to be displayed on the site. Aristotle also improved the way member listings are displayed. Instead of opening up an entire new window, listings now expand down on the original screen so that site visitors do not have to leave the actual page.
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