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Got an RFP on Your Plate? Feb. 08, 2008

We know. You hear the words “Request for Proposal” and you cringe. Don’t. Requests for Proposals, or RFPs, don’t have to be a headache anymore. Aristotle is here to help with what many prospective clients have told us is a very helpful document – Aristotle’s Marketing Services RFP Outline.
Whether it is Integrated Marketing, Email Marketing, Public Relations, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization or Video Production you are needing bids on, we’ve got a document ready for you to download. It’s free, and we’ll answer any questions you might have about the process of soliciting competitive bids.
Before you create an RFP, give Mark Wilson or Chris Bondurant at call at 1-800-995-2747 or contact us at Then prepare for a smooth RFP process.

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