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How Up-to-Date Are You? Jan. 17, 2008

By focusing on the specific needs and goals of our clients, Aristotle develops custom web solutions that deliver results. Just this week Aristotle completed a programming update of the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism website,, moving it from a .ASP system to a .NET system. “ continues to take advantage of developing programming technology, and this migration is another example of that fact,” said Andrew Watt, Aristotle Programmer. “While .ASP is a stable system, Aristotle feels that .NET as a programming platform provides more flexibility, ease of use and security.”
“Aristotle is continually looking toward the future, and from what I’ve seen, they welcome change and embrace new technologies,” Joe David Rice with the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism explains. “Through the pride of craftsmanship in what Aristotle has already created for us, through long-term plans they develop, and through the work they have done and continue to do throughout the Arkansas tourism industry, I know that Aristotle is a committed and long-term partner.”
Technology has also continued to be developed by those wishing to deface or “hack” into Websites and moving to .Net programming helps close some vulnerability that might be found in connection with the .ASP platform. For more information on Aristotle’s long relationship with the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, visit Aristotle's Portfolio.

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