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New Metropolitan Realty Website On The Map Feb. 25, 2008

Since the 1920’s, Metropolitan Realty & Development, LLC and its predecessor company have been developing subdivisions and managing commercial properties north of the Arkansas River in Pulaski County. Recently, Metropolitan approached Aristotle about its need to make its website more dynamic. The company also wanted an easy and flexible way to add properties for sale so they could manage the site in-house.
Under the care and leadership of Aristotle Producer Jonathan Eudy and Assistant Producer Cherri Pitts, now has interactive maps meshed with Google maps to show off the company's properties. The site is also more user-friendly and easy for the client themselves to edit. The new back-end administration allows the client to dynamically create new pages by uploading embedded maps, add descriptions of the subdivision, as well as add files related to the properties such pricing lists and status.
Most importantly, Metro Realty can now easily add, edit and update on the fly as needed. Kudos to Aristotle team members Greg, Joshua, Shawn and Sarah for their invaluable input on the site.

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