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New Phantom Fireworks Feature "The Bomb" May. 02, 2008

Just in time for July 4, customers of Phantom Fireworks now have a new interactive "try-before-you-buy" feature to assist them in purchasing fireworks online.
Thanks to a new Aristotle-programmed, database-driven video player, visitors to can view streaming video and hear the audio of all the booms and bangs of over 30 different variations of fireworks. From Aerial Avalanches to Thermobaric Warheads, the new feature enables visitors to see how certain fireworks selections perform in the night sky before ever even making a purchase.
Customers are also able to sort through the fireworks' videos by category, as well as choose their connection speed (dial-up or broadband) to ensure the video runs as smooth as possible.
Aristotle programmers, artists and designers all played a role in making this new interactive tool possible for Phantom Fireworks.

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