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Philander Smith College Redesign Launches Aug. 07, 2008

Featuring simple, easy to navigate menus, a main page blog for the university's President and an aesthetically pleasing rotating flash, Philander Smith College now has a new website to both aid in student recruitment and serve as a resource for current students.
Thanks to Aristotle’s custom content management tools, the website is as functional website administrators behind the scenes as it is to site visitors.
The site is completely content managed meaning the client can add, edit and update content as needed. Every section of the site is also password protected for added security. The client can change the photos in the main page Flash, add text to the images, and add subpages with text, images and PDF’s to any primary, secondary or tertiary navigation section of the site.
The new website even interfaces with several third party programs that current students and staff rely upon and interfaces with the college's computer information services.
Aristotle also programmed a donations form for PSC which allows alumni and friends of the university to donate directly from the website.
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