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Rich-N-Tone "Calls" on Aristotle Oct. 09, 2008

After over a year of dealing with another web design agency, and not being satisfied with the results, Rich-N-Tone Duck Calls called on Aristotle to create
Check out this quote from RNT's John Stephens:
"We selected Aristotle Web Design out of Little Rock, Arkansas and we have been very satisfied. The new website is finally put together the way we wanted it in the first place."
"It is dynamic in design. It is very updatable. We just had a certain way we wanted our website to look and function. We wanted a website that we could control and we wanted to be able to edit every aspect of it in-house. Together we have built a site that we have total control of."

The new site features an appealing, clear-cut design and Flash header with easy-to-navigate icons and dropdown menus. Aristotle artists worked alongside RNT artists to nail down the look and feel of the site, an important aspect after RNT's previous agency's inability to meet desired standards. also features a plethora of interactive programming features and custom-built applications. While browsing duck calls, visitors can actually listen to audio files of the calls, as well as browse through all of the calls' color swatches.
The site's online store might be it's greatest attribute. The custom-built Aristotle shopping cart is not only easy to use, but functions efficiently with real-time credit card processing. To meet RNT's desires to have "total control" of the site, the cart allows the staff to autonomously update photos on the store pages, edit and update product descriptions, change out the subhead art and images, and update the store's navigation.

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