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Snow in Atlanta? You bet! Oct. 10, 2008

Aristotle teamed with Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, Georgia—part of Herschend Family Entertainment—to create a website for its new winter attraction, Snow Mountain Park. After having to delay last year’s launch due to a severe drought in Georgia, the new site has now successfully launched.
To ensure that the new website was more than just an informational online resource, Aristotle incorporated engaging features aimed at persuading people to visit the site frequently.
The main page displays stunning animation with falling snowflakes in the background of a photo slideshow. Links to the local weather, advance ticket offers and the animated "Snow Ride" game, as well as an easy-to-use Flash menu, present an abundance of interesting avenues for visitors to explore directly from the homepage.
Interactive features of the Snow Mountain Park website Include:
  • Your Snow Photos - Photo Gallery features enable site visitors to submit their favorite family snow day photos and stories to the “Your Snow Photos” gallery for anybody visiting the site to view. Each photo has a chance to be selected as Snow Mountain Park’s feature photo on the home page.
  • Snow Photo Gallery - This custom-programmed photo gallery provides site visitors with various shots of the new snow park.
  • Virtual Snow Ride - The “Spread the Snow” ride features a Flash-animated snowman sledding through the park’s snowy hills complete with music and falling snow. After you pass some time riding along with the snowman, send a custom snow greeting along to friends and family. This should become a Christmas classic!
  • Snow Mtn. goes Green –The site’s 411 on Snow & Water page provides factoids about water, water games, water-saving tips and a special page on how real snow is made for the park!
Aristotle's custom content management tool enables the Snow Mountain Park staff to add, edit or delete page content, update calendars and upload downloadable PDF brochures and driving directions.
Throughout the site visitors are given the opportunity to sign up for Snow Mountain Park’s e-news to receive information about tickets and other special offers from the park.
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