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Teamwork Lifts Up the Delta Jan. 25, 2008

Aristotle's work with the Delta Regional Alliance is very much like the Alliance itself – its success is attributed to teamwork.
With the launch of its “Lifting Up The Delta” website last week, the Delta Regional Allliance took another important step in its effort to change, grow and reinvigorate the delta regions of Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.
The website design, led by Aristotle’s Amy Shivers, features the creative talents of Aristotle’s own Adrian James. “Adrian uses colors and design in a way that really convey the spirit of the new Lifting Up the Delta message,” said Amy. In addition, Adrian was instrumental in the development and optimization of the organization’s email newsletter.
In addition to the website design and programming, Aristotle’s Integrated Marketing, Creative and Public Relations divisions are also developing a postcard, offline magazine and optimized press release that will be distributed in the months to come to help further carry the Delta’s message to the masses and to drive visitors to its online presence.

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