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Who Says Nobody Sends Postcards Anymore? Jul. 16, 2008

From the Pantheon in Rome, to the Acropolis in Greece, to Bourbon St. in New Orleans, George H. Wittenberg travels the world with paintbrushes, pencils, watercolors, ink and postcards creating what is called “Postcard Art.” At completion, the postcards are stamped, hand-canceled and mailed from the place of creation as proof of their authenticity.
Now, thanks to a revamped website,, the artist has a better avenue to market and sell his inspiring postcard artwork.
New artwork, an e-newsletter sign-up, and a comprehensive content management system are just a few of the new features on the site. The content management system allows the artist to create new pages, add and update news stories on the main page, add specific cities to his list of countries and choose which postcards are displayed on each page — giving him total control of the website.
Using MailSage, Aristotle also created an email template for the client that matches the website’s art, design and overall feel.

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