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Wilkerson and Associates Redesign a Real Jewel Mar. 25, 2008

Wilkerson and Associates, a jewelry store sales consulting business, came to Aristotle with the need for a complete website redesign that would not only improve the site's user-friendliness and visual appeal, but would also engage potential customers and encourage them to contact Wilkerson.
It only makes sense that the largest jewelry liquidator in the United States would team up with one of the Top 100 Interactive Agencies in the country.
Aristotle created a unique redesign for Wilkerson that included an elegant main page design with a custom-programmed Flash header, strategically placed promotional icons to encourage visitors to contact Wilkerson, and even an Aristotle-produced video consisting of graphics, audio and interviews with the Wilkerson team. Aristotle's video production team shot all video and photography on-site at the Wilkerson and Associates headquarters.
The search engine marketing team conducted hours of keyword research to determine the best possible keyword strategies for the Wilkerson site, and the writing team wrote all optimized and unoptimized page copy. Aristotle also vastly improved the navigation on the site, offering potential clients the ability to find the information they're looking for quickly.
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