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Aristotle CEO Honored Mar. 23, 2009

Aristotle CEO Marla Johnson Norris has been honored by Arkansas Business — a statewide, weekly business journal launched in 1984 — as one of the 25 notable women leaders from the past quarter century in Arkansas.
Marla is highly regarded as a pioneer in online media and digital marketing not only around the state of Arkansas, but across the entire nation.
Below is the excerpt from the "Top 25 Women Leaders" list in Arkansas Business' 25th Anniversary Edition

23. Marla Johnson Norris
In 1995, the Internet wasn't a household word — much less service — in Little Rock. By co-founding Aristotle, which provided dial-up access at 25 cents an hour, Marla Johnson Norris helped change that. But she did more than get people and businesses online; she showed them what do do when they got there. Today, Aristotle is a major player in communications and marketing over the Internet, and Johnson is a sought-after speaker on those subjects.

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