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Aristotle Launches Interactive Site for EO Tours Feb. 10, 2009

Educational Opportunities Tours provides inspirational and affordable Christian travel opportunities to sites around the world. From the Holy Land of Israel to Passion Plays in Germany to cruises to Russia, almost 400,000 people have experienced the EOT Christian tours since 1974.
However, the company did not have a website that effectively showcased all its tours had to offer.
But now, thanks to a new redesign from Aristotle, they have a website they can be proud of.
The new site features a huge rotating Flash header, a user-friendly menu, photo and video galleries, postcard gallery and an interactive Destination Map. is also completely content managed by EOT staff using Aristotle's custom-built, in-house content management system.
This allows EOT to manage nearly every aspect of the website, including text, galleries and main page promos.
Aristotle also performed Search Engine Optimization on the site in order to increase bookings for EOT.

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