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Beautiful Site for Beautiful Places Alliance Aug. 03, 2009

 Chalk up another great website to the long list of Aristotle projects created for the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism. encourages online visitors to help the South Carolina State Park Service preserve, protect and improve the recreational and educational experience at some of the most special spots in the Palmetto State. The alliance needed a website that portrayed the beautiful South Carolina landscape it strives to conserve and promoted the Beautiful Places Photography Book. The website also needed to serve as an online hub for accepting donations/contributions via the internet.
The SCPRT staff was very pleased with the design and functionality of the finished product: "Thanks for everything you and your team did, and for rolling with the punches! As you can imagine, we are VERY excited here at SCPRT! You all rock!"
A couple of features of the site include:
Flash - The stunning Flash menu and header, courtesy of Aristotle's art team, conveys the message and goals of the Beautiful Places Alliance.
Custom Shopping Cart - The Aristotle-built cart integrated seamlessly with the SC.Gov third-party, online store checkout process and allows visitors to purchase the Beautiful Places Photography Book online.

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