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Coffee for the Cure Oct. 16, 2009

Premium Refreshment Service is one of the leading bottled water companies in the South, a multi-brand, full-service distribution company specializing in home, office and commercial delivery of water and refreshment products.
In an effort to support the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure, Premium Refreshment came up with the idea to donate a portion of every 12 oz. package of coffee sold to the foundation, an idea that would be driven via an online campaign.
However, the race was only a few days away, and the "Coffee for the Cure" website needed to get underway immediately.
Aristotle was happy to tackle the job.
In only three days, our producers, artists and programmers were able to complete the entire project, which included a landing page and online ordering form on their main site, also designed by Aristotle.
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