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Just What the Doctor Ordered: Baptist Health's New Redesign Jun. 02, 2009

With the success of, and a number of other projects, Aristotle and Baptist Health hospital in Little Rock have a long-standing relationship when it comes to online projects.
And recently, the hospital came to Aristotle for another. Craving a new look for their main website, Baptist Health asked for a redesign that, in addition to maintaining its attractive look and feel, would improve the user-friendliness of the site
The result?
Just what the doctor ordered! The new website is not only striking in layout and design, but it is even more user-friendly and functional too!
Apart from the obvious new look, a few of the site's exciting new additions include:
  • links to Baptist Health's social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • a new rotating flash header the user can pause or play as he/she browses
  • a sleeker video player embedded on the main page with improved functionality
  • a quick reference menu offering visitors easy access to the most popular information
  • a less-confusing interior navigation structure

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