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Little Rock National Airport Website Takes Off Dec. 03, 2009

Aristotle officially launched the new redesign for the Little Rock National Airport site this morning,
LRNA wanted a fresher, cleaner look and feel, as well as an overall more functional site with navigation to lead travelers to the airport's most useful information.
Thanks to the new redesign, they got just that.
A large, attractive Flash header greets visitors upon arrival, and a number of main page tools offer easy access to some of the LIT's most sought after tools such as airfare deals, flight scheduling, flight tracker and more — third-party applications Aristotle was easily able to incorporate into the new redesign.
Aristotle's custom-built content management system allows the airport staff to add, edit and update the site independently as-needed, without having to contact Aristotle for support (though we're always here if needed!)
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