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Microsite Showcases Good Eats in Huntington Beach May. 08, 2009

The Huntington Beach Restaurant Week microsite is live!
Themed similar to Huntington Beach's main website,, Aristotle designed specifically to showcase the city's fabulous new week-long food event, which runs May 26 - June 2.
The sleek new microsite features a nice balance of design and functionality. The main page rotating flash immediately engages visitors, and the menu is simple and clean. Aristotle also developed all the creative for the website, including logos and branding.
However, the most advantageous feature for the client is Aristotle's custom-designed content management system. The CMS enables HBMVB staff members to quickly and efficiently add, edit and update the site's text and lodging/restaurant listings, without the need to call on Aristotle for changes.
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