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"Powerful" New Website Design for RP Corp Nov. 25, 2009

For nearly 40 years, RP Corp has provided the state of Arkansas and Memphis area with power and IT solutions while offering unmatched service, customer support and industry-leading brands.
Now, thanks to a new website redesign from Aristotle, RP Corp's online presence is just as powerful as their offline services.
Since RP Corp is a company with many divisions — power, IT, fire suppression, etc — their website needed to showcase all of their services under one umbrella, something their previous site did not accomplish.
The new redesign,, offers intuitive navigation that clearly defines each service of RP Corp, as well as provides a modern, cutting-edge look and feel — the perfect design for a leader in the technology field such as RP Corp.
From the art/design to the programming to the copy writing, Aristotle is proud to have been a part of RP Corp's new online branding effort.
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