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Aristotle Celebrates 15 Years in the Internet Industry Nov. 10, 2010

Little Rock, AR – On Wednesday, November 10, 2010, Aristotle will celebrate 15 years of innovation in the Internet industry. Aristotle is an Arkansas success story and has had a substantial impact on the growth of the high tech industry in the state.
In 1995, Aristotle entered the Internet business as a Web design firm, hosting company and ISP (Internet Service Provider). Today, Aristotle is a nationally recognized, award-winning, full-service interactive media, Internet, marketing and Web design agency. With clients from coast to coast, Aristotle works diligently to provide results, understand client needs and deliver value to its clients.
“Aristotle is a pioneer in the Internet industry, and we are very proud to have played a part in shining a spotlight on Little Rock as a high-tech new South city,” stated Marla Johnson Norris, CEO of Aristotle.  
Aristotle’s core directives include being the first out of the gate to harness new technologies - most recently campaigns and initiatives in social media, application development, and mobile technology as well as the deployment of wireless broadband networks in Central Arkansas.
“Our 76 employees are continually reinventing themselves to remain relevant, current and top of field,” stated Johnson Norris, “With a staff dedicated to strategic planning, implementation, tracking and reporting, for example, Aristotle is one of the few Interactive agencies that can deliver the level of analytical intelligence and strategic planning we offer our clients.”  
Aristotle’s winning combination of innovative programming, ISP-level Internet and email solutions, marketing-savvy and creative design has made Aristotle a leader in website design, multimedia development, digital branding and the results-driven use of emerging technologies.
Throughout the past 15 years, Aristotle has garnered numerous awards and recognitions for its expertise and experience. In 2009, BtoB Magazine named Aristotle one of the top 200 Interactive Agencies in the United States.

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