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New Facebook Tab Showcases the Elvis Experience May. 25, 2010

Designed to help build the Elvis Facebook friend-base and to supply existing Facebook friends with easier access to a plethora of engaging Elvis content, the new “Discover Elvis” Facebook tab offers fans an avenue to the total Elvis experience -- conveniently tucked inside the most popular social networking site on the planet.
The Discover Elvis tab offers current and potential Facebook buddies a smorgasbord of features ranging from featured videos and Graceland webcams to a cool scrolling photo gallery, info on upcoming events and even special coupons and discounts on tours, merchandise and more.
Beyond the new tab's sweet on-page features, layout and design, Aristotle also created some clever behind-the-scenes programming to help EPE manage the Facebook page more seamlessly.
For instance, by using the content management system of their main website, (also created by Aristotle), EPE can add, edit and update the content of the new Facebook tab in-house using their own staff. No need to depend on any second or third-party help ... or even log-in to Facebook.
On top of that, Aristotle integrated the Facebook tab photo gallery with one of EPE’s popular microsites -- So now, when photos are changed on through the CMS, the Facebook tab thumbnails will change too!
Click the image below to check out the new Facebook tab, and if you haven't already, become a fan of The King!

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