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New Website Showcases the Unbridled Spirit of Kentucky Apr. 15, 2010

Bourbon and horses might be the two words most closely associated with the state of Kentucky. As the world's foremost producer of "America's Spirit," and home to probably the most famous horse race on earth, the Kentucky Derby, it's not without good reason.
However, the "unbridled spirit" of Kentucky runs much deeper than just thoroughbreds and corn-based spirits. The new website for the Kentucky Department of Travel,, uncovers the many unique cultures and traditions of the Bluegrass State including indigenous cuisine, outdoor adventure, state parks, golf, music and arts.
To capture the unique sense of place that is Kentucky, create compelling content and design, drive the maximum amount of visitors to the site, and create an engaging, user-friendly interface, Aristotle employed a number in-house teams ranging from writers and programmers to artists and search engine optimization specialists.

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