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New Arkansas Tourism Site Caters to Next Generation of Web Users Aug. 08, 2011

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- On August 1, 2011, Aristotle Interactive unveiled the updated and redesigned for the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism.  Developed to reach the ever-growing mobile market and to promote Arkansas tourism products related to emerging travel trends, the redesigned site features new photography and a streamlined, user-friendly experience.

The new site follows on the heels of other advancements Aristotle has made to Arkansas Tourism’s mobile presence. In 2009, Aristotle was commissioned to develop an Arkansas Hot Deals App that promotes coupons, deals and special offers from industry partners to iPhone and iPad devices.  In 2010, Aristotle developed a mobile website for the state that enables mobile users to browse industry partner listings, events and coupons.  

With the launch of the new site, Aristotle continues to position Arkansas Tourism as a leader in interactive tourism marketing.  Recent comparative data on state tourism sites from Experian Hitwise revealed that Arkansas ranks third in site visitors among the 50 state tourism websites. In April 2011, Hitwise ranked as the second most-visited state tourism site in the United States. In addition, has consistently been in the top ten of all state tourism sites for market share and in 2011 was ranked first among contiguous states with 28.66 percent of the market share.

One of the primary goals of the redesign was to integrate new tourism products and trends such as eco-tourism, historical tourism and pet-friendly travel. All-new photography from around the state was added, and all content on the site was reorganized and the navigation simplified for a more streamlined user experience.

The previous design of the site, developed in 2007, underwent a focus group this year to better understand users’ needs when visiting the site. Aristotle, who conducted the study, along with the Arkansas Department agreed a new design of the site would greatly increase appeal due to the previous site feeling dated.

“The new reflects Arkansas’s beautiful scenery and provides the web user a very user friendly way to find content easily,” said Jonathon Eudy, Executive Producer at Aristotle Interactive. “Arkansas has always been a leader in tourism market share for state tourism web sites and with the new I feel that we once again have a winner.”

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets means that more people than ever are visiting websites on mobile devices. The new design seeks to accommodate this shift in Internet usage by eliminating Flash programming from the site making the site more compatible with mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Explore the mobile-friendly, revamped Arkansas Tourism website at

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