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Site Launch: Hilton Head Island Blog May. 12, 2011
Aristotle Interactive is proud to announce our latest project launch: Hilton Head Island Vibe Blog Center ( new blog is a wonderful example of the talent and dedication of which the Aristotle team is capable. The beautifully designed site and its ease of use will certainly help showcase the amazing features of Hilton Head Island.
The blog was built in WordPress and is set up as a Multisite with eight blogs fed into the main site. The categories include Family, Golf, Outdoor, Foodie, Wedding, Art, Eco, and Wellness. The plethora of topics should satisfy anyone's curiosity about the island. The blog will be written by a number of bloggers, each of whom has his or her own page, which includes a bio and a list of previous posts.
"It's been a team effort as always, and we have a great product for this client," said Cherri Pitts, the producer of this project. "We had so much help from our extremely talented staff to make this happen . . . That's why Aristotle is the best!"
Though it just launched, the Hilton Head Island Vibe Blog already contains a number of insightful posts about the many facets of the island. Check out the blog today!
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