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Site Launch: South Carolina Food Micro-Site May. 20, 2011

South Carolina Food
Aristotle Interactive announces its latest launch of South Carolina's growing and developing site: the food micro-site. This is another micro-site Aristotle has been involved with in developing the expansive Southern state's official parks and tourism website. The food micro-site keeps in line with its previous sites, displaying beautiful and modern artwork and design.
Like South Carolina's beach and golf micro-sites, the food site showcases the state's Southern cuisine and delights. You can explore the state's top restaurants and festivals, learn about South Carolina's skilled chefs, and view photos and videos that are sure to have you craving that Southern culinary staples.
Aristotle Interactive's team of producers, artists, and programmers are to be congratulated for their diligence and extreme talents in bringing the site to life. James Norris, Executive Producer on the project, thanked everyone on his team for their dedication and success, and he remarked on the collaboration of Aristotle and South Carolina's team. "This project was another of those successful partnerships with South Carolina's ad agency," he told the staff.
Aristotle Interactive continues to push the boundaries of web development and design by creating websites that blend magnificent art with engaging and informative content. Let us do the same for you. Call 1.800.995.2747 or 501.374.4638, or send us an email at today!
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