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Aristotle Email Oct. 05, 2012

UPDATE (10/5/12 5:05 PM): The final stages in the email recovery are currently underway. During this time, Aristotle email will be unavailable. This downtime is only temporary, and please note that no email has been lost during this maintenance. Thank you again for your continued patience.
October 4, 2012 - Due to a Microsoft operating system error, Aristotle ISP experienced a temporary interruption in our email delivery services. Our Aristotle technicians have completed phase one of the operating system recovery process. As of this posting, all new emails being sent to you should arrive in your inbox immediately. All emails sent to your email address during the period in which the operating system was down will be forwarded to your inbox incrementally.
Thank you for your patience. We appreciate your choosing Aristotle as your Internet and email service provider.
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