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Facebook Timeline for Brands Mar. 14, 2012

On February 29, 2012, Facebook officially announced Timelines for Brand Pages. With this exciting change comes many questions. How will Timeline affect the way you communicate with your customers? What is a cover photo and what can you put on it? What happens to your apps?
Beginning March 30, everything you thought you knew about your Brand Page is changing.
From those custom landing tabs to your daily posts and even your messaging, you’ll need to rethink your Facebook strategies or risk getting left behind. Once again, Facebook is forcing marketers to rethink how businesses engage on the social network giant. Though the changes can be intimidating, the new Timelines for Brand Pages offer businesses a lot of potential to interact with customers like never before.
Below, you can watch the recorded version of Aristotle's free Webinar we offered on March 6 and download our free white paper, which covers Timelines in an easy-to-use PDF that you can take with you wherever you go! Both the Webinar and white paper cover
  • The basic elements of a Timeline for Brand Pages
  • New Facebook policies that restrict some uses of the Timeline
  • Editing posts that feature important content and elements
  • Examples of Timelines that rock New Facebook advertising opportunities
The only way you can expect to create an engaging and profitable Facebook platform is by knowing the ins and outs of Timeline for Brand Pages.
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