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Jennifer Peper Speaks in Illinois Oct. 04, 2012

Jennifer Peper Presents to Decrotative Plumbing & Hardware Association Conference
Jennifer Peper, President of Aristotle Interactive, will be speaking at the DPHA (Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association) Annual Conference and Product Showcase on Friday, October 5 in Rosemont, Illinois. This is Peper’s second year to present to the DPHA. Her presentation "Online and On-Focus: Where Do I Find My Next Customer Online? And Then What Do I Do?" will educate business owners and marketers on how to use their offline assets to communicate and engage through online channels and social networks.
Whether they are confused about Pinterest or lost on why Instagram should matter to a business, Peper’s session will help define the business advantages of new social and online advertising technologies. Her presentation will cover why it’s important to become "image-focused" when communicating online and how video can accelerate a brand.
Follow Jennifer Peper on Twitter throughout the conference. You can also learn more about DPHA by visiting their website,
Rhen Wilson Digital Communications Director Aristotle, Inc. rhenwilson [@] 1-800-995-2747 / 501.374.4638 401 W. Capitol Ste 700 Little Rock, AR 72201
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